Sunday, November 8, 2009


"The one who loves the least controls the relationship"
This statement will be the death of all relationships. God forbid I'd become involved with somebody that lives by this statement because that's telling me straight up that you're afraid of possibly being hurt (then again, who isn't?) but even more it's saying that you don't trust me or think I'm worthy of your heart. I'm sorry, but you can miss me with that! How could we ever progress or establish something with you trying to prove how much you DON'T give a fuck simply to keep me on my toes..?! Please. At some point that bullshit ideal will seem like a yo-yo and someones is bound to get fed up & want want out.. meaning that all that game playing proved to be a big ol waste of time. So how about people begin to only invest their precious time & energy into someone that they truly believe is worth it, or at least has potential & is on the same level. Come at them correct and without a hidden agenda of trying to test one's tolerance for B.S.
..that is all

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